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Deep Dive: Astroid Boilerplate Site 202

In a previous article we looked at how different flavours of Astroid Templates are assigned to different Joomla Menu Items. In this follow up Article and related Video Tutorial we look in more detail at how Joomla Menus work in conjunction with Astroid. Specifically how different Layouts in different flavours of our Astroid Template affect what happens at the front end. First off we eye ball the Boilerplate Site and establish that we have the same default menu turn up in multiple Module Positions.

We then look at some of the ways we can tweak the look of the version of the Default Menu being published to the Header Section. Noting in the process that this works on a Template by Template basis. This helps illustrates a very basic but important Astroid Framework principle. Assuming that we have more than one Template, depending on what pages the Template is assigned to the changes will affect different pages differently.

Last but by no means least we look at how the standard Joomla Module Position published to all pages on the site will be affected by whether there is a corresponding standard module position published in the flavour of Astroid assigned to the page in question. In some ways a little obscure and twisted but if you can get your head around principles like this you can build just about anything whilst squeezing the very last drop of functionality out of Joomla. We will look at layouts, modules and widgets in the next video tutorial in this series. Find Out More About Astroid HERE.

Mr Dust

Me in 3 acts. Act 1: Once upon a time I set out to build a community site using Joomla 1.5. Act 2: I spent a decade extending, building & breaking the site in that order. Act 3: Recently I returned to the drawing board crafting a way simpler new Joomla Site with the help of Astroid. In a weird kind of way I think that Astroid is empowering me to slowly become become a professional developer. In a parallel universe, I am a Video Editor & Trainer. Last but by no means least thanks to all the wonderful people in the Astroid Discussions Group & the Joomla Community as a whole with out which none of this would be possible.