Astroid Framework

Open source framework for designers and developers to create responsive, fast & robust Joomla based websites and templates.

Kicking the Tires on Astroid 3 for Joomla 4 & 5

Astroid 3 Is Out

A major Astroid update is out and I made a video called “Kicking the Tires on Astroid 3 for Joomla 4 & 5.” I suggest that if you are playing with the idea of using a Templating Framework for Joomla this is a good place to start. Or maybe you are a seasoned Astroid Pro and just want to have a look at what awaits you when you update. The Astroid Templating Framework is extremely customisable and integrates absolutely seamlessly with Joomla. Once installed you start pretty much with a blank canvas but can manipulate just about every single pixel on your site in multiple ways. There is admittedly a learning curve and that is why I started making tutorials to help myself and others get their head around Astroid. My mission is to fix the training disconnect between Joomla and Astroid. Hopefully making Astroid more accessible in the process. If you are just starting out and all this Template Framework stuff is mumbo jumbo here is some further reading: Template Frameworks: Go further in the management of your Joomla sites. 

The Future Is Bright

Astroid is being updated on a regular basis with awesome new features and under the hood improvements. Joomla in turn becomes increasingly rock solid by the day. As of writing Joomla 4.4.1 and Joomla 5.0.1 are out. And there is a road map… I hope to post more in the near future. 2024 and beyond. If you really want get cracking right away... and start building a Bare Bones Astroid Site today you could check this out. Your 1st Bare Bones Website with Astroid & Joomla. As of now still for Astroid 2 and Joomla 4. At least on the surface Astroid 2 and 3 look very similar. Find Out More About Astroid HERE.

Mr Dust

Me in 3 acts. Act 1: Once upon a time I set out to build a community site using Joomla 1.5. Act 2: I spent a decade extending, building & breaking the site in that order. Act 3: Recently I returned to the drawing board crafting a way simpler new Joomla Site with the help of Astroid. In a weird kind of way I think that Astroid is empowering me to slowly become become a professional developer. In a parallel universe, I am a Video Editor & Trainer. Last but by no means least thanks to all the wonderful people in the Astroid Discussions Group & the Joomla Community as a whole with out which none of this would be possible.